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2012-12-03 - Welcome back!
If you are at this site, we have no idea why. It's been such a long time...

Bi-Fi was taking a long nap, but may return soon with some goodies. In the meantime, go "like" Pookey Bleum and The Poison Control Center on facebook or something.

2010-06-02 - Soviet Reunion Available on iTunes
The Envy Corps has just made Soviet Reunion available on iTunes. Go grab your copy now!

2010-03-01 - Newsflash
Bi-Fi still loves you all!

2009-05-15 - Greetings from Bi-Fi
It's been such a long time, long time...
New videos posted. Moldy Golden Oldies.

2007-10-31 - Bye-Bye-Bi-Fi Store!
The store at bifirecords.com is no more! Yeah, we still have CDs, but if you want them, you'll have to buy them from another fine internet outlet: iTunes or CDBaby.com. If you want something that's not available there, send a very nice email to info a t bifirecords.com and we'll see what we can do.

Happy Halloween!

2007-06-15 - Updates
Here's what's up with the Bi-Fi nation... no official Bi-Fi releases to speak of at the moment, but plenty of releases and music news.

Keepers of the Carpet have released their new dual A-side "Crazy Things"/"Glued". It's now getting some decent airplay on Ames' KCCQ 105.1 on your FM dial. You can pick up the 4-song CD at Hastings in Ames. In September, be on the lookout for their second full-length gem entitled Just Set Fire To The Prize. They'll be releasing this one on their own (because we're lazy and broke), so give them all the love you can. Hopefully we'll have it available to sell here on bifirecords.com.

The Poison Control Center has announced that they will be releasing their next record on Minneapolis' Afternoon Records (afternoonrecords.com ). They also have an EP in the works to tide us all over until the album this fall. Check out the Afternoon Records web site for more info, as well as PCC myspace ( myspace.com/thepcc" ).

That's all the news that is news right now. Rock on.

We got some great things happening in 2007! Thanks for stopping in check back for more soon!

Keepers have put up a rough mix of a new song go check it out...

another sweet review for Ryan Anderson's album can be found here....

A great new review of Ryan Anderson new album has just been posted... Read it here......

2006-09-20 - Web Site Redux
We're tweaking the web site a bit... hasn't been changed in years.


Friday, October 6th, 2006 at 8:00 p.m.

89.3 The Current presents The Current Fakebook with John Hodgman and Neal Pollack at The Fitzgerald Theater on Friday, October 6th at 8:00 pm. The two authors, familiar to public radio listeners for their appearances on This American Life, talk about their latest literary endeavors. They will also perform with musician Jonathan Coulton, and the band Poison Control Center of Ames, Iowa. The evening will be hosted by The Current's Mary Lucia.

Tickets are available for $15.00. Minnesota Public Radio Members receive a discount. Group discounts available for groups of 15 or more.

2006-08-01 - Welcome to Florida
Well lots going on in the Bi-Fi world this week! Most importantly our main man AARON HEFLEY will be leaving the great state of Iowa for Florida.. WE WILL ALL MISS HIM VERY MUCH! He is pretty much the reason Bi-Fi started... so blame him for better or worse! We wish him and Leah all the Luck in the world and look forward to seeing them soon!

In other news the Poison Control Center head out for 3 weeks starting tommorow with a Headlinging show at the Toledo PopFest and another showing at the Athens POPFEST... Make sure you catch the boys on tour or tell your friends too.. updated tourdates now on shows page!
Again Ryan Andersons record in now out and you can pick it up it the greater stores of the country or here at

Lots of News today.. First off you must check out RYAN ANDERSON New Video... his album get released next week and this is why!!! amazing

Lake Holiday record has been pushed back again because of some bad luck.. But have no fear he will be heading on tour this week...

And you must check out LIKE KNIVES (last show for awhile) Organ Donor, Keepers of the Carpet, Family Unit, and the PCC all at the Midwest POPFEST at the Vaudeville mews this weeken... July 13-15!!

some new news on the American Revolution to celebrate the 4th of July!!!

Both Ryan Anderson and Lake Holiday's new albums have been pushed back to July 18th for release dates due too promotion, and distro.. But have no fear Ryan's Cd is now back from the plant and you can order it pre-sale starting tommorow 6-9-06!!!
Also Ryan is out on tour right now with Fishboy.. He will have his new album at his Cd Release shows in Ames, and Des Moines this coming weekend!
But you can order the cd tommorow from us! And if you pre-order the album you will get a special treat!
Lake Holiday will be up soon for pre-sale too!
Bi-Fi Staff!

We love teeeeezing you sooooo much so here is out latest Tease!!! Lake Holiday presents : "The Curse of the Sunshine" a fantastic 6 song ep that will get you totally stoked for the upcoming full lenth on Bi-Fi.. Right now we are the cheapest and only way to order this cd in the USA so get to the order page and pick one up for 5 bucks! Its great.. You can hear a couple of the songs at www.myspace.com/thelakeholiday

the Bi-Fi Bands are going to have a busy summer!

Cool article about Bi-Fi in the Iowa State Daily today... Check it out here...

Hey all just wanted to fill you on a little bit of Hot news in the world of Bi-Fi.
Both Lake Holiday and Ryan Anderson's records are headed to the plant for their June Releases both Ryan and Lake Holiday will be gracing Iowa with their presence with National tours so keep an eye open to that!
Check out Lake Holiday's new video on their Myspace page.

Keepers of the Carpet are headed to Black Lodge Studio in Lawrence, KS to record a new single.

Like Knives is working on a new EP and video!

the PCC is working on a full lenth record at Future Appletree Studios and will be playing lots of shows in the upcoming months!

the American Revolution EP will be in our hands shortly and we will get that ship out to the plant soon too!

Also we have plans on recording Des Moines new super pop sensation FAMILY UNIT for a possible summer ep release!

So with all this cool stuff happening we should celebrate with an ALL AGES Bi-Fi Show at House of Bricks in Des Moines on April 28th its at 5pm and will feature Family Unit, Like Knives, Keepers of the Carpet, and the Poison Control Center.... Get your tickets fast!

check this out!!!!